Sensory Toys

Sensory Toys – Are Fidget Toys Causing Issues for Kids with SPD?

Sensory Toys And Their Importance In The Development Of Your Child

Sensory Toys
Kids with SPD

Let’s talk about Sensory Disorder and Sensory Toys. Are you noticing that your child becomes oversensitive towards noises, hates being touched even by their family members, or gets uneasy in large crowds? If so, then it is time for you to focus on your child and observe his or her behavior carefully. Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD is when a child might feel too much that it affects his or her daily life. While most children have the ability to control their feelings and senses immediately, those with sensory processing issues may find it difficult to respond appropriately to stimuli. This is a good idea to look into buying your child sensory toys. Fidget Spinners, sticks, rings and Fidget cubes make great toys for toddlers with sensory or SPD. They can even learn some cool fidget spinner tricks over time.

The Symptoms or Sensory Processing Disorder

There are two types of symptoms for sensory processing issues:

The first symptom is hypersensitivity to things that your child might feel, hear, or see.

The other one is hypo sensitivity or the complete opposite of the first symptom. This may cause your child to have a need to touch everything that he or she could find. Children with this kind of sensory processing issue might end up harming other people around him or her unintentionally because of moving too much, in coordination or clumsiness.

However, there are some cases where a child with a sensory processing disorder might have a combination of these two symptoms. And yes, it will be a roller coaster ride of emotions, but there’s no reason to panic; helping children with sensory processing issues is not impossible. Here’s how sensory toys and activities can help you deal with your child’s disorder.

The Role of Sensory Toys

When your child gets oversensitive or wants to feel too much, it can be a challenge to calm them down or make them focus on specific things. There are a lot of sensory toys specifically designed to attend to your child’s needs. Not only will your child enjoy these toys, but they will also help him or her acquire new skills that enable him or her to live a normal life.

There are a lot of sensory toys you could buy for your kid. These toys are not only utilized by those with Sensory Processing Disorders but by children who have autism as well.

Fidget Toys-Cubes,Sticks,Box and rings
Fidgets and Widget Toys

Sensory toys may be more expensive than traditional toys on the market, but they prove to be a worthwhile investment. Finger paint, mini trampolines, sand tables, and toys that light up are some of the toys that you could choose from. However, if you want something more fun and cheaper, there are homemade sensory toys that you could make with your child.

How Will They Help Your Child?

Sensory toys address a variety of problems commonly faced by children with processing disorders. With the guidance of an occupational therapist, you should be able to select the right toy for your kid.

For children who exhibit tactile defensiveness, toys that boost motor skills can be an effective solution. These toys come in different textures, enabling your child to be familiar with different sensations and build up tolerance accordingly. They are also aimed at improving the coordination between multiple muscle groups, which helps reduce clumsiness. Popular examples include finger paint toys, play-doh and soft toys made from different fabrics. 


Some fidget toys are geared towards de-sensitizing the sense of best toys for 5 year old boys with sensoryhearing. They often use gentle noises with varying frequency pitches. Over the long term, this helps re-boot the auditory processing of the child’s brain.

Sensory toys like mini trampolines, on the other hand, allow your child to calm down. Because of the restlessness or boredom that your child might feel, sensory play will help regulate these overwhelming emotions.

With so many choices available on the market, it can be confusing to pick which sensory toy is best suited for your child’s condition. It’s wise to consult a medical professional so you can come up with an informed decision and save money at the same time. Below is a great list of toys to help toddlers and older kids with Autism, Sensory and are great for occupational therapy.

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