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Fidget Spinner Tricks You Can Learn Now! (Top 10 Tricks)

10 Amazing Fidget Spinner Tricks

for Beginners to Advance

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Easy fidget spinner tricks for your fidget toys

Fidget spinners are tools or toys used to relieve stress and can commonly be found at your local corner stores such as Walgreens or Seven Eleven. You can also find them online at Amazon. Commonly known as a hand spinner or finger spinner, these fidget toys are the new craze in 2017! Kids love to make new fidget spinner tricks and share them online and in class. The fidget spinner is made of various materials such as brass, stainless steel, and titanium. In spite of the fact that they were created in the late 1990s, fidget spinners turned into a well-known toy only recently in the past six months. Typically promoted with medical advantages, the fidget toys started being utilized by school kids. This caused many schools to began restricting these spinners. Schools thought that the toy turned into a diversion in classrooms rather than being a device that helped students focus. Meanwhile other schools are enabling the toy to be utilized carefully by kids with specific difficulties. Students that had problems with focusing and those with ADHD, Sensory as well as ADD to name a few. While disproved to be clinically effective the fidget spinner gave birth to a new type of industry, one in which the tricks are done to garner thousands of views on the internet. Here are the top 10 best fidget spinner tricks that you can learn to impress your friends, family, and maybe even earn fame on the internet.

Simple Hand Transfer: Difficulty ⅕

This is the first trick you’re going to be learning and it’s extremely simple, first start off with the fidget spinner in your dominant hand, between your index finger and your thumb. Begin spinning the fidget spinner in order to gain momentum while slowly bringing one arm over to the next. Leave enough space in between your arms to be able to make an impressive toss. Then take your thumb off of the fidget spinner while extending your index finger in an upwards motion and toss the fidget spinner into your other hand. Catch first with your index finger then clasp with your thumb after making the toss, this will allow for the spinning to continue. A pro tip would be to bend your knees in order to achieve a good rhythm.

The Finger Transfer: Difficulty ⅖

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Easy figit toy tricks

The second trick on the list is known as the finger transfer. Similar to the hand transfer this trick can be done with either one hand or two. Open your palm and place the fidget spinner on the tip of any of your fingers and begin spinning, then lightly toss it into the air and quickly replace the supporting finger with another one. This will allow it to keep spinning and create the illusion that it’s traveling on every single one of your fingers. You can mix this trick with the one above in order to create an increased difficulty version sure to impress anyone.

Hand Twist: Difficulty ⅖

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Under Hand

The third trick on this list is the hand twist and is noticeably one of the harder fidget spinner trick for a beginner to pick up as it requires the user to be able to spin the toy around the finger while simultaneously spinning it around the hand. This trick requires more dexterity than the other two when practicing and I would only suggest this trick to those who have been practicing fidget spinner tricks for around 2 to 3 days. Start off by spinning the fidget spinner with one hand and slowly rotate your wrist towards the center of your body. Then point your elbow towards the sky and slowly rotate counterclockwise. The video above should show you exactly how to do this trick, feel free to slow it down to half speed in order to see the best performance.


Around The Back: Difficulty ⅘

Cool Finger Spinner Trick
Finger Spinner Tricks

This trick is seemingly the most difficult of the bunch but is still great to understand and add to a fidget spinner beginners tricks. Start off this one by spinning the fidget spinner and holding it between your thumb and index finger in your right hand. This may take a few tries to master but toss it behind your back and over your shoulder and catch it with the same hand. This is one of the two alternative ways to perform this trick. Another way is to throw the fidget spinner behind your back while twisting yourself to the right causing it to seemingly fly around your body. Catch it in the same hand you threw it and continue spinning it. This fidget spinner trick can be chained with any of the less difficult ones above in order to create an impressive combination. This trick is the most effective with a gold fidget spinner or one that is not cheap.




Spinner Swap: Difficulty 3/5

Last but not least this fidget spinner trick requires you to own two fidget spinners and have the ability to spin them each with one hand. Place theses spinners between your thumb and your middle finger and spin with your index finger. Once both spinners are active move your hands towards each other and release. This is similar to the simple hand transfer but you will be doing this trick with two fidget spinners instead of one. This is an advanced trick and is only advised to those who have had extensive practice with the sport. After mastering all five of these tricks you are sure to be able to show up anyone who is challenging your skill of fidget spinner tricks.

The Fidget Spinner Trick Challenge Zone

The following 5 fidget spinner tricks are not for fidget spinner beginners and are more for the advanced to extremely advanced members of the spinning community.

The Sunshine Switch: Difficulty ⅘

This fidget spinner trick requires utilization of both of your legs and arms, raise one leg while throwing the fidget spinner under it and then raise the opposite leg while the fidget spinner is in the air and catch it. This requires

you to be very agile and it is recommended that you stretch before attempting to accomplish such a feat.





The Australian Bounce: Difficulty ⅘

hand spinner toys
Best Hand Spinner tricks

This second advanced trick is similar to the first as it requires you to use your legs but you will be using them to bounce the fidget spinner back onto your fingers. To start this trick spin the fidget spinner in your dominant hand while raising the leg on the same side as your hand. Then lower your arm below your leg and toss the spinner directly into the air, wait for it to begin its descent then raise your knee to push it back into the air. This will then cause your knee to perfectly push the fidget spinner back into the air and into your hand.

The Plasma Bounce: Difficulty ⅘

For this trick there is a prerequisite you will need to have mastered the “Around the Back” trick as described in the basic tutorial above. This trick combines the around the back with the Australian bounce as you will need

Bounce fidget spinner trick
The Bounce

to start spinning the spinner before throwing it from behind your back onto you knee and then from there bouncing it up back into your hand. This trick will take a long time to pull off successfully.




The Lazer Spin: Difficulty 5/5

hardest trics for your Fidget Spinner Trick Toys
Advanced Trick

This is the most difficult trick you will be learning from either tutorial today. For this trick you will be using the around the back method combined with the sunshine switch. Starting off with the spinner in your right hand you will begin spinning it as you toss it behind your back from you left side and under your right leg. In order to get the timing just right on this trick I would suggest practicing both of the tricks mentioned earlier separately until you feel as though you’ve successfully mastered them. This is one of the most difficult tricks in spinning thus making you progress to the advanced stages of this sport.


The Bubble Bounce Fidget Spinner Trick: Difficulty 5/5

The last trick of the advanced tricks tutorial is the “Bubble Bounce” this trick requires you to be very limber around your abdomen and back as you will be doing the around the back method in two different directions. For this trick you will need to start with your spinner in your left hand and begin by tossing it directly up into the air around your back. You will then try to get as much air time on the spinner as possible before it comes back down to the ground. At the point at which it begins to lower itself to you, rotate your back to the opposite direction in order to get the best angle at attempting to catch it with your other hand. Continue the spin by catching the fidget spinner in between your index finger and thumb. This is on part with difficulty with “the Lazer Spin” but it all depends on what kind of fidget spinner you purchase and are able to work with.

After learning about all of these fidget spinner tricks you should have no problem impressing your friends. If you’d like to see more fidget spinner news or to find out where you can get cheap fidget spinners feel free to add this site to your bookmarks or sign up for our mailing list. This tutorial was provided with the idea that you will pick the best fidget spinner possible to be able to learn these tricks. If you’d like to buy your very own fidget spinner at an extremely affordable price on the internet follow this link. Thank you for checking out these two separate tutorials for advanced fidget spinners and fidget spinner tricks for beginners.

More About the Fidget Spinner Toys

Pro Level Spinner Tricks
Advance tricks for your fidget spinners

Fidget toys, like the spinner and cube brings satisfaction to those who have a difficult time dealing with stress. Primarily it’s the most effective for patients with ADHD or ADD and through the spinning motion of the fidget spinner paired with the physical exertion and use of force on the toy it allows typical fidgeting motions to subside. This toy can be used on children and adults alike with various different results. While clinical testing for this toy has been minimal, studies that have been done show that through the ability of passive concentration on the fidget spinner toy and fidget spinner tricks patients are performing better in both the classroom and in public.

These items could enhance your everyday life by giving you a harmless outlet for your apprehensive energy or pent up stress. Examinations done lead to discoveries of society being more present in our day by day lives. By playing with the spinner on the metro and taking in the surroundings as opposed to spending all of our time buried in our cellphones, playing games. Some patients began to notices that they got up from their work areas less, due to the fact that they were releasing stress into playing with the spinner as opposed to taking careless outings around the office or taking additional breaks. Our engagement level with the spinners changed from analyzing to understanding, as we as a whole favored having them as a tool and resource available to use. We likewise found that the spinners are a decent discussion piece. Individuals tend to ponder what you’re playing with, and once they recognize the toy they begin to understand the craze that surrounds it.

In conclusion there are many different aspects to the fidget toys that affect the way we look at them, but to be plain and simple fidget spinners and fidget spinner tricks are helping us find a way to relieve stress and tension from our lives. Without tools such as these there could be worse ways for us to outlet our stresses and worries. If you’d like to see where you can pick up a fidget spinner of your own to try out and relieve stress immediately then follow this link.

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